General Information

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 40 islands in the Arabian Gulf midway between the Qatar peninsula and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain consists of a total land area of about 770 square kilometers. Bahrain Island is the largest of the islands, and cover-up some 586 square kilometers.

Manama, the capital, is the central business district.

GMT + 3 hours


Total Population 1,039,297 (2007)
Population by Age Group < 15 years old 219,613
  15 - 64 years old 793,434
  > 65 years old 26,250
Composition Bahraini
Total Employment 471,088 (2008)
Source: Central Informatics Organisation & Central Bank of Bahrain

The official language is Arabic. English is very widely spoken and is the principal language of commerce.

Islam, the religion of Bahrain, is widely practiced by the majority of its population. However, other religions are permitted to practice freely.

Bahrain offers fine weather all year round. The climate is hot in summer with high humidity, and mild in winter with a low rainfall. The annual average rainfall is approximately 77 millimetres.

Season Period Average Temperature
Winter Dec - Feb 18 C
Spring Mar - May 27 C
Summer Jun - Aug 34 C
Autumn Sep - Nov 29 C

National Anthem & National Flag
The flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain is vertically divided into two parts by a serrated line. The colour is red and white and the five triangles, represent the five pillars, i.e. the five elements of Islam.
  National Anthem