The orange-coloured taxis are identifiable by the "Taxi" sign on the car roof. Fares are by meter and only vary when coming from the airport or when travelling at night. The standard minimum fare is 800 fils (US$2.10), charged for the first 3 kms, and 100 fils (US$0.25) for every km thereafter. Between 2200 and 0600 hours, the minimum fare is BD1.2 (US$3.10) for the first 3 kms, and 150 fils (US$0.4) per km thereafter. In either case, the fare is displayed on the meter, and the taxi driver will give you a printed receipt should you need one for your records. While coming from the airport, there is a charge of BD1 (US$2.6), which is additional to the meter reading. Tips are optional.

Shared Taxis
There is a large number of shared taxis on the roads as an alternative to taxis in Bahrain. They can be recognised by a yellow circle with licence number in black painted on the driver's door. The shared taxis have several designated pick-up points. They do not use meters. Fares vary depending on destination, but are far less than those pay for a regular taxi. No tips are expected.

Radio Taxis
Speedy Motor Service operates an around-the-clock service. Fares are higher than normal taxis; the taxis are metered, and a 10% tip is customary.

As of June 2003, new privately owned and fully air-conditioned buses, with automated ticketing machines and electronic route display boards started operation. These new-looking buses have a seating capacity of 50 people in addition to a standing room of 15 people. The minimum charge is 150 fils and the maximum fare is 350 fils. The buses also offer discounts of 10%-33% on season tickets and special passes issued to students.

Car Rental
Renting a car is easy in Bahrain, with the presence of major car rental companies including Hertz, Avis and Oscar. A valid international driving licence endorsed by the Traffic Directorate in Bahrain is necessary, but most car rental companies will assist in obtaining that for their customers. Prices can vary so visitors are encouraged to shop around. The Yellow Pages list all car rental companies available in Bahrain.

Limo Service
Limo service is very popular in Bahrain as transportation between the airport and hotel. The service is available at the Bahrain International Airport.