Bahrain is a shopper's paradise. A trip to the souq (traditional marketplace) offers a unique shopping experience. The modern shopping malls offer international names and brands, as well providing the integrated shopping and recreation experiences.

Shopping Malls

Gold Souq
Bahrain is famous for its gold and gold souq. A walk around the gold souq is a magical experience and one that shouldn't be missed. The Bahrain gold hallmark provides an assurance of quality and origin. Gold sold in Bahrain usually starts at 18 carat going to 24 carat. Gold jewelery is sold by weight at the current price and bargaining is common.
Spice Market
A visit to the spice market will reward you with the most wonderful aromas hanging in the air and the most beautiful displays of spice products and fresh nuts.
Discover a fascinating range of handicrafts and attractive artifacts, with skills passed down from generation after generation. One may also choose from a spectrum of readymade handicrafts or place an order with special specifications from the souqs and shopping malls.