Membership in the Association is classified as Individual Members, Corporate Members and Honorary Members.

1. Individual members

Individual membership is open to adult individuals attaining the age of 21, having a responsible position in the business sector. The annual membership fee is HK$1,000.

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2. Corporate members
Corporate Membership is open to all public or private companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures, associations or other organizations or entities registered in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

Each Corporate Membership will entitle its holder to designate up to two nominees who will exercise the rights of and attached to the membership, such as attending the Association's activities and Annual General Meetings.

The annual membership fee for the first nominee is HK$1,000. An additional fee of HK$500 will be payable for the second nominee.

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3. Honorary members
Honorary Membership is open to any individuals invited by the Council to participate in its functions by reason of services rendered or to be rendered to the Association.

The Honorary members of the Association are as follows:
1. Mr Chan Wing Kee, GBS, JP, Managing Director of Yangtsekiang Garment Ltd;
2. Mr Christopher Cheng, GBS, JP, Chairman of Wing Tai Corporation Ltd;
3. Dr The Hon David Li, GBM, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Bank of East Asia Ltd;

The Hon Victor C W Lo, GBS, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive of Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Ltd;

5. Mr C C Tung, SBS, JP, Chairman of Orient Overseas International Ltd;
6. Ms Marjorie Yang, Chairman of Esquel Group; and
7. Mr Alex Ye, Chairman of Kerry Holdings (China) Co Ltd.

Hong Kong Bahrain Business Association is incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability by guarantee.