II. Visa Application

Visa On Arrival

Citizens of the following countries/regions can obtain a two-week tourist visa at the entry posts of immigration at the Kingdom of Bahrain at a cost of BD25 (about USD$66). An extension can be obtained for another two weeks by visiting the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence (NPRA) in Bahrain. No sponsor is required. Applicants must hold valid passports (valid for at least six months from the date of departure), and those entering the country through the Bahrain International Airport must hold return/onward air tickets. Visitors other than the countries listed in the table must obtain an entry visa from their nearest embassy beforehand.

No. Country/Region No. Country/Region
1 Andorra 34 Latvia
2 Argentina 35 Liechtenstein
3 Australia 36 Lithuania
4 Austria 37 Luxembourg
5 Belgium 38 Malaysia
6 Bolivia 39 Malta
7 Brazil 40 Mexico
8 Brunei 41 Monaco
9 Bulgaria 42 New Zealand
10 Canada 43 Norway
11 Chile 44 Paraguay
12 China 45 Peru
13 Columbia 46 Poland
14 Croatia 47 Portugal
15 Cyprus 48 Romania
16 Czech Republic 49 Russia
17 Denmark 50 San Marino
18 Ecuador 51 Singapore
19 Estonia 52 Slovakia
20 Falkland Islands 53 Slovenia
21 Finland 54 South Korea
22 France 55 Spain
23 French Guyana 56 Suriname
24 Germany 57 Sweden
25 Greece 58 Switzerland
26 Guyana 59 Thailand
27 Hong Kong SAR 60 The Netherlands
28 Hungary 61 Turkey
29 Iceland 62 United Kingdom
30 Ireland 63 United States of America
31 Italy 64 Uruguay
32 Japan 65 Vatican City
33 Kazakhstan 66 Venezuela

Visit eVisa

For citizens who are eligible to obtain the Visa On Arrival could also apply for the Visit eVisa which is an electronic visa obtained from eVisa website in advance. The application fee is BD29 (approximately USD$77). Applicants are required to pay the application fee by credit card. The Visit eVisa allows you to stay in Bahrain for 2 weeks (some nationalities can stay longer), for more details please visit the eVisa website: http://www.evisa.gov.bh

If you do not meet the criteria for a Visit eVisa or Visa On Arrival, you may apply for a sponsored visa.

Sponsored Visa

Procedures & Requirements

  1. The following documents are required for visa application at the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Hong Kong SAR:
    1. Original copy of No Objection Certificate (NOC)
      (Applicant must have a sponsor in Bahrain to apply for the NOC at the Directorate of Immigration & Passports – see Application of NOC)
    2. Original passport (valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure to Bahrain)
    3. Return air ticket or onward air ticket to a third destination
    4. One passport-size photograph
  2. Completion of a visa application form (to be provided by the Honorary Consulate).
  3. Only cash payment is accepted at the Consulate, and it must be made upon submission of documents.
  4. Processing time for legalisation is 2 working days, on average.


Visa application fee is HK$840.

Application of No Objection Certificate (NOC)